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Scientific stories for children:
Maggie and Magnus the Magnetic Snails

Astronomical rhymes:
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The centre of the Earth
Love on the Milky Way
The gourmet space tour
Cosmic cocktails
Moon love
The rice ball
Who bit the Moon?
Vegetable planets
Green Martians blue Martians
The secret colony
Beware of black holes
Concrete comets
Moon flowers
The space-junk crabs
Callisto capriccioso
Oceans of Europa
Empty time in empty space
Spiders in spacesuits
Disposal on a neutron star
Asteroid Olympics
Planetary royalty
Planet of the dwarves
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Love on Enceladus
Romping in the rings
Death of the galaxy
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A lot of Moons
A Moon of rubber or a Moon of gold
Boating on Titan
Marooned on Io
Sulphurous salvation
A slice of the Moon
The big hot splash
Ballooning on Jupiter
Dusty goblins
Tugging the Moon
Geometrical Moon
The Moon dragon's dream
Playing with the planets
Moon fruits
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Skiing in the glare
Give us the Moon
Bruised Moon
My Moon
Purple Moon
Moonlit snow

Contemporary art. The Slurgs:
Here are the Slurgs. Beware!

Oliver's Park (a long time ago):
Here are some of the wildlife that are in the park.

Counting the femtokelvins   (Physics World, May 2007)

Brief Curriculum Vitae

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Oliver Bernard Wright

O. B. Wright initially specialized in low temperature solid state physics. During his PhD course he published a detailed account of the thermoelastic effect in glasses at low temperatures—a modern version of a rubber band experiment in which the temperature change of the band is monitored on stretching.

After obtaining an industrial post he concentrated on applications of optics in sensor physics, in particular specializing in the use of ultrashort optical pulses for generating and detecting picosecond acoustic phonon pulses in thin films and multilayers. He developed a related phonon pulse detection technique based on the measurement of picosecond surface motion. With this technique he demonstrated how ultrafast electron diffusion could be probed in metals, and he contributed to the development of a theory of this diffusion, establishing an analytical relationship between the electron energy relaxation time and the electron-phonon and electron-electron coupling strengths.

Focusing in 2001-2002 at Hokkaido University on semiconductors, he measured the shape of picosecond acoustic phonon pulses generated in gallium arsenide, and was involved in similar spectroscopic experiments on semiconductor quantum wells.

In 2002 he also helped establish a method for watching ripples on crystals using ultrafast interferometry as well as making contributions to the theory of the detection of phonon pulses in multilayers.

He has also worked on the development of ultrasonic force microscopy and new local probe imaging techniques based on thermal waves at high frequencies and on nanometre length scales.

From 2004 he was involved in extending picosecond ultrasonics to shear waves, to liquids, and to contact mechanics, as well as spending time watching ripples travelling on phononic crystals and resonators.

More recently he has worked on gigahertz vibrations of nanostructures, including plasmonic crystals, and begun work on acoustic metamaterials.