. Asteroid Olympics

Asteroid Olympics

The Space Olympics start today
All eyes on Vesta, asteroid
500 kilometres wide
And floating naked in the void

Grand Opening is set outdoors
A thousand rockets\off they blast
With rainbow vapour streaming out
And astrodancers spinning fast

The Judo women take the stage
In mortal grip, their faces frown
Now Bluefs been thrown, but aeons pass
Until she finally falls down

Itfs swimming now, the splashingfs fierce
They plough through waves two metres high
That wobble slowly, jelly-like
While trembling water globules fly

A jump 100 metres up
into the black sky like a swan
To please the crowd the winners spring
outside the stadium in one

The discus zooms two miles away
For three the javelin will glide
Intergalactic sheep, beware
Hit one and youfre disqualified!

© Oliver Wright

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