. Cosmic cocktails

Cosmic Cocktails

To Jupiter with Cocktail Tours
First stop moon Io, Sulphur Pub
Volcano Vodka if you please
with Cointreau, in a flaming tub

To moon Europa, letfs drink there
and try the feted Snowball Squirt
\a frosty blend that fits the scene
But donft get blue stains on your shirt

To Saturn now, moon Titanfs turn
At Café Frozen Fog wefll date
Two Mango Mists, but please take care
Theyfre served at minus one six eight

We home in on Enceladus
with geysers venting into space
Letfs drink a Hissing Highball Hose
But mind it doesnft spray your face

The final moon, Iapetus
A barren place to down the brew
Drink Greyball and a Crater Crème
Oops, time to rush out to the loo

© Oliver Wright

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