Ballooning on Jupiter

They sent me here to Jupiter
— above the clouds and all alone —
to survey bands and spots and storms
To meekly go where I am blown

Because, you see, Ifm hanging here
Connected to a huge balloon
With cords of carbon reinforced
to weather any cold typhoon

I soar above the Great Red Spot
A rusty coffeefs being stirred
With wake of milky vortices
that seethe and swirl in zigzags blurred

A lightning bolt, a crack, a twang
My lines are cut, I hurtle down
Through mists of phosphorus I plunge
Itfs time to smile, not time to frown

Telemetry is working well :)
I film the scene I plummet through
in freezing gas. Goodbye! — and I
give thanks Ifm just a robot too!

© Oliver Wright

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