The Blue Menace

The Earth is feeling tetchy now
And needs to vent some pent up rage
She looks up to the sky and cries
gHoy Moon, still stuck in some stone age?h

gYou know full well Ifm occupied
by shining bright from far awayh

gIs that the best that you can do?
Mooning the afternoon away!h

The Moon looks down with lips pursed hard
gTo all your jokes Ifll stay immune
In fact I sometimes shine at dayh

gDonft promise anyone the Moon!h

gStop jabbering on, I donft need youh
gIfm not, you silly withered prune!
Youfre lucky that I always pull
and not just once in a blue moon!h

gSo down to earth\what priceless joke
earth-shattering. What is your worth?
You goldfish bowl, itfs time for hush!
You menace blue! You hell on Earth!h

© Oliver Wright

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