. A Tour of Mercury

A tour of Mercury

Spent time in interstellar space?
Too long in orbit round the Sun?
Roll up, herefs something you canft miss
Wefll redefine your sense of fun

Scorched Tours now gives you Mercury!
A world of wonder \ all agree
Wefll whisk you there first-class right now
With colleagues, friends and family

Day 1: arrive in Crater Camp
Play games on ice, drink sunrise drinks
Sunbathe in Sun three times as wide
And see the stars, then forty winks

Day 2: the Rolls Royce rovers roll
in style across the plains of dust
With cushions, cards and caviar
and hostesses whom you can trust

Day 3: we let the robots out
amidst the crags to hide or run
Feel free to blow their brains out
with your pistol or your laser gun

© Oliver Wright

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