The Moon Dragon's Dream

Snug in a crater on the ‚loon
Sprawled on an icy mound of stones
With silver scales that rise and fall
A dragon snores in silent tones

In that still night our dragon dreams
itfs party time at Vacuum Cave
A friend from every planetfs here
Donft miss Billenium Dragon Rave!

With dragonfs fire to light the scene
They dance upright, their claws enlace
Join Martian Red and Neptune Blue
Those writhing tails in tight embrace

I bid you welcome to the Moon!
We meet again, a billion years
have passed, but whiskers still so young!
Make merry, cast away your fears!

The partyfs over, time to part
Propelled by fire the guests zoom on
across the vast expanse of space
Our dragon wakes. Therefs only one!

© Oliver Wright

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