Which Cheese for the Moon

So if the Moon were really cheese
Then Emmentalfs perhaps for you
A ball two thousand miles across
With holes like craters through and through

But if you come by spaceship, then
youfd better choose the hardest one
Donft grate it first\just make a globe
of finest, densest Parmesan

Or if your landing should be soft
Then Camembert Ifm sure would do
But if they forge an orb thatfs ripe
youfll end up head to toe in goo

But Mozzarella isnft good
because youfd bounce back up again
And set the Moon to wobble as
the ripples race across the plain

Letfs settle for a stinky cheese
A Munster thatfs completely high?
Or Gorgonzola that's gone off?
I think Ifll stay on Earth, you try!

© Oliver Wright

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