. Planet of the dwarves

Planet of the Dwarves

To Pluto, new utopia
The news has spread, the dwarves approach
No goblins, elves or trolls allowed
Theyfve struck it rich, therefs gold to poach

On frozen lakes of nitrogen,
a billion strong, their ships alight
In haste to start the mining bots
with whirring teeth and cogs that bite

Preposterous cacophony
As keen-edged drills gyrate and bore
300 kilometers down
Till finally they hit the core

Therefs gold and silver, rubies too
Here come the dwarves, their eyes aglow
With streaming beards they slide on down
Their picks and chisels safe in tow

They hack and chip for all theyfre worth
A lunatic fraternity
They canft get out, but they donft care
Dwarf Planet for eternity

© Oliver Wright

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