. Love on the Milky Way

Love on the Milky Way

Roll up for tours, the Milky Way!
Theyfll just provide the map
And watch you from afar to check
you crossed with no mishap

The Milky Way, letfs go, yippee!
Wefll jump from star to star
Oops, they seem rather far apart
Looks like we wonft get far

Wefll take some goats and cows and yaks
Theyfll help us find the Way
And give us endless pints of Milk
But what about their hay?

The Milky Wayfs a galaxy
a spiral, nothing more
Hope that we wonft get sucked into
the black hole at the core

They say a girl can kiss a boy
when crossing from each end
So letfs do that and when we meet
youfll be my lady friend

© Oliver Wright

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