Tugging the Moon

Oh faithful Moon in orbit true
Come night, come day, come rain, come shine
I wonder how it is you're tugged
I know itfs not transparent twine

There's nothingfs there to keep you in
No groove, no rail, no track, no guide
And yet you move with clockwork grace
Around the Earth you deftly glide

And all it takes is just one word
To see, to seize, to sense, to grasp
Of course what pulls is gravity
The unseen hand that all must clasp

And yet this theory is wrong
Oh yes, I see, thatfs right, itfs clear
That general relativity
Tells time and space to bend and steer

But what exactly tugs the Moon?
So firm, so strong, so tough, so tight
If quantum theory you trust
Itfs gravitons. Well, they just might!

© Oliver Wright

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