. The gourmet space tour

The Gourmet Space Tour

Letfs take a Gourmet tour in space
A million dollars if you please
The capsulefs plush, the captainfs chic
Have rocket salad with lunar cheese

First stopfs the Moon, the Serpent Sea
Lodge Moondust serves exquisite fare
The choicest snakes done in their skins
They grill them in a solar flare

Then on to Mars, Olympus Mons
The restaurantfs called the Very Top
Seventeen miles up, itfs giddy stuff
All I can eat is one yak chop

Now back to Venus, rest inside
Cloud Bubble as the planet toasts
The viewfs not good, but you can dine
on laver bread with crater roasts

We end with far-flung Jupiter
and dock at café Great Red Spot
The foodfs recycled 50 times
Why donft you start? I think Ifll not

© Oliver Wright

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