Chocolate Planets

My eager fingers stroke the box
The glinting ribbon gently plied
Then pearly papers part to show
The truffles, snuggly tucked inside

Of all the colours there to choose
A cool white chocolate satellite
Europa, moon of Jupiter
Now gobbled up and out of sight

It only spurs my greed for more
A reddish-brown one there Ifll eat
Too late! My teeth have crushed it whole
That planet Mars was such a treat

Titan, Tethys, Rhea, Dione
From Saturnfs moons I eat my fill
With box half empty I canft stop
Therefs lots of Solar System still

Inhabitants of Chocolate Earth
Beware those chomping jaws that seek
To crunch you up and all your kin
It pays to live a life thatfs meek

© Oliver Wright

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