Creatures in the Moonlight

As moonlight filters through the leaves
The gnats flit in the ghostly glow
Pursued by aerobatic bats
Then something scurries down below

A screech owl hoots and takes to wing
Preened feathers frame a pointed beak
It plunges in the gloom to snatch
A mouse. A crunch, a final squeak

Too dark to see the spiderfs web
The gipsy moth that fluttered in
Its wings now snagged in sticky gum
Awaits the final twirl and spin

Too late to save a bluebottle
From green jaws closing with a gulp
On, down a toadfs oesophagus
The flimsy body crushed to pulp

The ‚loon looks on with stony face
On predator and victim too
Aloof to Nightfs grim pantomime
Immune to all tu-whit tu-whoo

© Oliver Wright

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