. The rice ball

The Rice Ball

Who says the Moonfs a cheese? Itfs not
To me itfs just a ball of rice
Uncooked long grain, or short perhaps
The vacuum keeps away the mice

But if itfs cooked, what shall we do?
Thatfs still no problem if it's drained
You eat the rice, extract the dew
And make a moonbase self-contained

If pink and glutinous, what then?
With red beans mixed in here and there
No matter, this is sekihan (Ԕ)
but youfll need non-stick boots to wear

And if itfs rice gruel through and through
youfll want to plan ahead, Ifd say
Prepare a boat and man your oars
and donft get plastered in the spray

Basmati, Thai, Japonica
whichever type makes up the Moon
Ifve got my chopsticks, and be sure,
Ifm gobbling all afternoon

© Oliver Wright

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