. Neptune City

Neptune City

Slim spires loom out of methane mist
Suspended from balloons galore
Come, Neptune City welcomes you
Itfs time for your induction tour

Our shuttlefs ready, thrusters on
Therefs Central Greenhouse Dome below
where coconuts and mangoes thrive
While robot birds flit to and fro

Letfs hover next to Spire One
Computers whir inside full tilt
to keep the city fit for life
and gourmet stores stocked to the hilt

Letfs dock with Recreation Room
Wefve cricket, billiards and squash
Since gravityfs like that on Earth
youfll find it fun, the decor's posh

Please gaze at Neptunefs Great Dark Spot
or shop in our Commercial Zone
A city life awaits you, but
we're sorry that youfre all alone

© Oliver Wright

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