The Big Hot Splash

About four billion years ago
Not long after the planets' birth
A modest one called Thea found
that she was heading straight for Earth

Inexorably they approach
In orbits calm they softly float
Then wham! Head on they crash and merge
Thea engulfed by Earth's new throat

Great teeth of flame, huge magma tongue
The Earth engorged, and mad with ire
With crimson glow it pauses, stung
Its lava oceans spitting fire

Gut-wrenching spasms, boiling bowels
The Earth gives an almighty belch
of blistering incandescent blobs
Then shuts with one celestial squelch

The Moon is born, the Earth appeased
Most people they have no idea
Please see the cool Moon's face and spare
a thought of thanks to thuggish Thea

© Oliver Wright

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