. The fifth giant

The Fifth Giant

The sun was young the planets hot
They whizzed around a bloody lot
The Earth was there right down inside
Just lurking where itfs safe to hide

But in the outer regions swarmed
Five huge gas giants, amply warmed
Galactic gambling was their game
Wild orbs run loose, and not so tame

Uranus, Neptune for a start
And Saturn speeding like a dart
With Jupiter as bold can be
And Number 5, I guarantee

Celestial snooker starts apace
Come close, and I will smash your face
They push and pull through gravity
Then, bang, hefs out, the escapee

Goodbye Young 5, youfre off, damn right
No one to gaze at you at night
Forever doomed to roam the void
All hopes of love and sympathy destroyed

© Oliver Wright

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