. Planetary royalty

Planetary Royalty

Each planet has a satellite
where sits enthroned a queen or king
Great palaces with rockets and
with gorgeous fittings stuffed with bling

The King of Jupiter is proud
to own the biggest one of all
To tourists coasting in he shouts
gItfs mine, all mine, donft touch my ball!h

The Queen of Saturn gloats on high
at planet, moons and rings to boot
Itfs her domain so donft approach
Or therefll be missiles in pursuit

Princess Uranus too is vain
Her temperfs bad I guarantee
She snarls at all that dare to come
Abominable bourgeoisie

The Prince of Neptunefs number four
Hefs kinder than the other three
But if you stray too near donft think
that you can sail away scot-free

© Oliver Wright

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