A Lot of Moons

Imagine what it would be like
if there were two Moons in the night
Would you prefer them one by one
or touching, rolling, joined in flight?

Or three Moons floating in the sky?
When their arrangement formed by chance
an equilateral triangle
What better reason for a dance?

Why stop at three? If there were five
in random orbits out in space
some on the wax, some on the wane
Donft try to see them in one place

If seven Moons is what you want
Moon 1, Moon 2, Moon 3, Moon 4
Moon 5, Moon 6, Moon 7 too
Now thatfs enough\donft ask for more!

If you insist on more, then ten!
Now what on Earth is wrong with that?
Moonlight for everybody, but...
you wonft be friends with any bat

© Oliver Wright

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