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Current research activities: picosecond ultrasonics and plasmonics in nanostructures, plasphonics, acoustic metamaterials, surface acoustic wave visualization with ultrashort optical pulses, ultrafast electronic and thermal diffusion, nanoscale phonon detection using atomic force microscopy

          Top News:
                             Sound transmission between nanowires   New!
                             Detecting sound with electron spin   New!
                             Squeezing sound in solids  
                             The magic beam that won't vibrate  
                             Watching waves going nowhere  
                             Giant water-to-air sound transmission                              

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Last update: August 2, 2021

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Our laboratory rooms are A2-24, A2-25, P261 in the Faculty of Engineering. Click here for the Map of our Faculty and for Access to the university.


Group Mascot: The Bingbonk (that likes phonons and electromagnetic waves)

Background image : Snapshot of surface acoustic waves propagating on crystals and complex nanostructures (200 micrometer x 200 micrometer regions).

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