Brief Curriculum Vitae

Osamu Matsuda

O. Matsuda initially specialized in optical properties of amorphous chalcogenide semiconductors at Osaka University. In the period 1990-2000 he specialized in photostructural changes, medium range order, electronic structure, and excited electron relaxation of chalcogenide semiconductors. After moving to Hokkaido University in 1998, he shifted his interest to ultrafast spectroscopy. Main achievements and on-going subjects are as follows. 1) Picosecond acoustic phonon pulse generation and detection in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells. Using a sample with multiple quantum wells, selective excitation of terahertz-frequency coherent acoustic phonon pulses is demonstrated by tuning the wavelength. 2) Development of time-resolved two-dimensional imaging of surface acoustic waves on solids. 3) Generation and detection of pico-second shear acoustic phonon pulses in anisotropic media. 4) Generalized light scattering theory for the modulation of complex optical reflectance of arbitrary anisotropic multi-layers subjected to inhomogeneous anisotropic permittivity modulation. Any incident angle and polarization of the incident probe light can be handled. 5) Acoustic wave propagation in phononic crystals and devices based on them. 6) Development of scanning probe microscopy, in particular in the field of ultrasonic force microscopy.




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